About us

Fanø Lys is a unique shop located on the beautiful and idyllic island of Fanø. We specialise in handicrafts and local goods, and our range includes everything from delicacies to handmade products. Our shop is a true mecca for anyone who loves to surround themselves with beautiful and unique things. We are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of handicrafts, candles and products from local producers. At Fanø Lys you can explore our different universes, whether you like candles, delicacies or a cup of coffee and cake in the café area, there is something for everyone.

We offer

  • Sale of delicacies and local goods from Fanø.
  • Sale of handicrafts and decoration.
  • Café with coffee and cake.
  • Possibility to make your own lights in the candle DIY section
  • Advice and guidance on candles and decoration.

Get your gift baskets made with us!

We specialize in making gift baskets. You can have your very own gift basket made according to your wishes for price and content, whether it's colleagues who need to be pampered or it's family, friends or a wedding gift, we can help! Please contact us by email or phone if you need more gift baskets for corporate gifts or for an event.

The owner of Fanø Lys

Søren Olesen, the passionate candle maker behind Fanø Lys, is a true artist in candle moulding. With his own light foundry located on Rømø, he creates unique and atmospheric lights that capture the heart and mind. Søren's love for candles, craftsmanship and dedication to good service is evident to everyone. Each candle carries a part of his passion and care, making them more than just light sources.

Fanø Lys is just one part of Søren Olesen's luminous empire. With Rømø Lys and Huset Ribe, he is expanding his influence and sharing his passion with even more people. His shops are not only a business, but also a statement of his commitment to delivering quality products and an unforgettable experience to customers.

When you buy a candle from Søren Olesen, you get more than just a product. You get a taste of his love for craftsmanship, aesthetics and the unique atmosphere that only a handmade candle can offer. So dive into the world of candles created by a true light pioneer the next time you visit Fanø.

The shop assistent

Mette, the radiant soul behind Fanø Lys, is not only Søren's first employee, but also the smiling face of the shop. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service and helping you every step of the way makes her invaluable to both Fanø Lys and its customers.

In addition to guiding you through the enchanting lights, Mette can also conjure up some delicious coffee and cake to enjoy in the cosy cafe area. Mette is also your local guide to the best goods from Fanø, and her knowledge extends to products from Fanø Bryghus and Fanø Chocolate. With her recommendations, you can take a bite of the local craftsmanship home with you and continue to enjoy the island's unique flavours.